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Chuck norris jodes

Favre even further. Chuck Norris once ran a stop sign. Rated.11/5 (2292 Votes) What was going through the minds of all of Chuck Norris' victims before they died? Chuck Norris truck doesn't run on fuel, it runs on fear. Rated.15/5 (3183 Votes) Chuck Norris will never have a heart attack. Rated.11/5 (1622 Votes) Superman owns a pair of Chuck Norris pajamas. Chuck Norris doesn't beg to differ, he says what's right and gives you two seconds to correct yourself before he roundhouse kicks you in your face. Chuck Norris is the only true white man who can jump. Leading hand sanitizers claim they can kill.9 percent of germs.

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Chuck norris doesn't have a shadow, cause he round house kicked it back to the stone age. Life is like a box of chocolates. When Chuck Norris throws a boomerang, the boomerang does code not return because it is scared to come back. Chuck Norris can punch a hurricane in the eye. Rated.11/5 (4139 Votes) When Chuck Norris plays pokemon he does catch them all.

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"On Chuck Norris 'mania' sweeping the net". It lasted eight seasons on CBS and continued in syndication on other channels, notably the Hallmark Channel. Retrieved December 6, 2017 via. Archived from the original on April 14, 2009. The New York Times. Secret agent Joshua McCord (Norris) is assigned by President Adam Mayfield (Urich) to prevent a band of terrorists from setting off a nuclear device in.S. A b c Norris, Chuck; Ken Abraham (2004). "Cinema: And Now, a Wham-Bam Superstar: Chuck Norris". WWE: Jeff Jarrett Gets Roundhouse Kick By Chuck Norris! 35 The film was a huge success and Norris became Cannon's most prominent star of the 1980s. This leads them to attempt escape, and Braddock plots to free his fellow prisoners and destroy the prison camp. "My choice for president". A b c Berkow, Ira (May 12, 1993). Air Force in August 1962.

Chuck Norris can stain stainless steel.

If you see Chuck Norris crying he will grant you a wish, if your wish is dying. Chuck Norris gives the sun cancer. He just tells the bank how much he needs. Two calculators are needed to add up Chuck Norris'. Rated.16/5 (4369 Votes). Chuck Norris can grate fresh parmesan cheese with his beard. 54.44 like joke (90 votes) category: Chuck Norris jokes. When the Hulk gets mad he turns into Chuck Norris. The Sun Doesn't set, it Runs when it sees Chuck Norris.

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In the walking dead, you have a post-holocaust type scenario, but instead of muties you have zombies. He proceeded to shot laser beams out of his eyes and ate the hearts of everyone in the room. Just say "Fees!" "You seem to be in some distress said the kindly judge to the witness. They say that in the Air Force, the toilets are mighty fine. They say that in the Air Force, the biscuits are mighty fine. How many personal injury attorneys does it take to change a light bulb? They say that in the Air Force, the tents are waterproof. Then you have the crossbow dude, Dyrl Dixon, who is a lot like a mix of Jak and.B. "Of course the lawyer replied, "I charge 200 to answer three questions!" "Well that's a bit steep, isn't it?" "Yes it is said the lawyer, "And what's your third question?". But how the heck would I know, I've never slept in mine. They say that in the Air Force, the pancakes are mighty fine.

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