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X deep uk

for different reasons, but whatever inspires us to take to the water, our gear must add to the enjoyment. Jump on any dive boat in the last 20 years and every BCD you see will be a slight variation on a theme. How is this possible? Be at one with your equipment. Deconstructing traditional designs, bringing xdeeps technical diving experience and expertise, led to a step change in BCD design and application. Quality tested and certified by the ISO9001:9002 10-year consumer and 3-year commercial limited warranty. This is where you will truly value the xdeep NX ZENs design. Single and multiple-threshold models available, multiple-threshold models are low profile for easy access and clean appearance.

X deep uk

Limited Time Only: Free shipping on orders over 50 USD Use Code: 50freeship See More. Less effort more comfort and safety. EP is an independent heritage street fashion brand and self-contained creative collective founded by Scott Sasso in 1995. The NX Series is the gratis culmination of our experience, expertise and passion so far. Small Upper Wing Section, the compact engineering of the NX series inflator has allowed a reduction in the size of the upper part of the wing. Non-porous surface makes cleaning and sanitizing easier and faster. Once we have come up with the design we obssess about identifying and using the best materials. S to be safer, to be robust and reliable and to be more comfortable for divers. A direct weld of the inflator to the bladder ensures a robust and direct connection for maximum performance. When exploring swim throughs in a wreck or reef you want to be free of entanglement. With the world that diving brings. NX series, built FOR unmatched performance AND comfort epic look IS juside effect. With you above as well as beneath the waves.

XDeep manufacture innovative diving equipment and accessories from specialist wings and BCDs to dSMBs and boltsnaps.The xDeep, ghost BCD is one of the lightest backplate and wing available today made from space age materials and cutting edge manufacturing processes everything about the Ghost is top quality and lightweight.XDeep, zeos Deluxe single tank wing system is designed to be a more comfortable version of the Zeos (standard) with Nexus Quick Release Buckle pinch clips on each shoulder for ease of donning and doffing as well as comfort pads.

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As we reduce drag we usually improve our gas consumption, enabling longer and safer dives. Deconstructing traditional designs, bringing xdeeps technical diving experience and expertise, led to a step change in BCD design and application. The wing shape adds stability due to reduced air migration and attention to the ideal balance for easy expert trim. The material is completely resistant to any crushing or traumatic forces. Failure points have been eliminated as far as possible by removing all threads and gaskets. The xdeep NX ZEN is so named for a reason; that feeling of being?at one? Careful attention to the wing design and the balance point of the xdeep NX ZEN system means you are held comfortably and confidently whilst waiting for your boat pickup or sharing the excitement of the dive with your buddies. The NX collection of products has already changed dive industry thinking and has improved diver experiences from exploration cave diving to tropical reefs. Once we have come up with the design we obssess about identifying and using the best materials. Large Backplate : For divers taller than 175. Weight :3.2kg (Large sizing: Small Backplate : For divers shorter than 175.

The tight to the tank streamlining makes buoyancy control more precise.

No air bladder, just fabric. Molded-in flood guard, available in a range of sizes and a wide variety of colors. The New York based label creates highly-detailed, augmented takes on traditional sport and workwear, and continues to engage within the evolving interplay of community, culture and style. Advances in materials technology, in diving design and our ability to apply modern engineering concepts created a dive system that delivered on our priorities.

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Surface is extremely scratch and stain resistant.! The material is completely resistant to any crushing or traumatic forces.

25.90, feedback, noffa Bed Pillows Neck Support Pain Relief Latex Like Foam Hypoallergenic Pillow. Currency, gBP - British Pound Sterling, fREE UK delivery ON ALL orders over. XDeep diving gear is made out of top-quality fabrics and materials from the US and Germany. 26 Aug Lets Dive: St Abbs Lets Dive: St Abbs So often we hear divers complaining about not getting chance. Deep Blue Dives team of in house specialists have years of experience and are available to offer any advice you may require in relation to our diving products, helping you to choose the right equipment for your diving experience. Deep Blue Dive is the largest online supplier of Scuba Diving equipment and Dive apparel in the. A seaside town near Newcastle upon Tyne which is very close to the coast. We stock a wide range of dive equipment and are focused on providing a great customer experience. The name of this pillow is not printed on the cover material nor the internal Latex core, so Super Comfort Pillows purchased over the years can be identified by the HG3 1JL written on the small silk regulations label. We are constantly thinking about our customers and have even put together some outstanding money saving packages for you to take a look. 09, sep, to Pee or Not to Pee. During welding the latest technologies available are applied - including HF welding and ultrasonic welding with the use of digitally controlled machines. There is no greater testimonial than that. Top Tips: Best Ways To Defog Your Mask Top Tips: Best Ways To Defog Your. Add to Wedding List, previous page. Mares warehouse IS closed from 2ND TO 10TH november - please call TO check mares stock IF your order IS urgent. This Dunlopillo pillow is designed to be used by those who sleep on their sides. Is the padi Discover Scuba Diving for. The latest specification of this all time best seller is part of the Dunlopillo Signature Collection, such is it's level of popularity and fame! As well as this, Latex is naturally very good at staying cool and fresh. Underwater Explorers DirDirect are a leading UK xDeep showroom stocking the widest range of Xdeep products.

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